Have you ever experienced a painful skin rash in just one side of your body? A skin rash that tingles or feels like burning, which is sometimes associated with small blisters located on a small area of your body? If so, this could be shingles.

However, there is no need to fret, because this type of rash can easily be treated by natural essential oils for shingles. This type of skin rash commonly occurs in people with weak immune system, who have had chicken pox in the past.

You may wonder how chicken pox is related to shingles. Research shows that the virus that causes chicken pox and shingles is the same: the varicella zoster virus.

When a person experienced chicken pox and later on got better, chances are the virus becomes dormant. However, it never really goes away, but rather stays inactive in the nerve roots. As the person ages and immune system weakens, the virus is becoming active again, and, consequently, one might find themselves having the shingles. If the person is under regular stress or takes particular type of medicines that can trigger the activation of the virus, they may experience the shingles rash too.

The Mild Stage

 Shingles is usually a mild condition. However, for immune-compromised people, shingles can be deadly.

There are different stages of shingles, and the first sign that one should note is the tingling sensation accompanied by mild itching, as well as the feeling of a stabbing pain in the affected area

Sometimes it occurs on a small area of one side of the body.

At this stage, some people prefer to use natural remedies to help alleviate the symptoms by trying different tea tree oil recipes, which are known to be beneficial for providing comfort, while others use different essential oil recipes that suit them best. The signs and symptoms may then progress to the occurrence of blisters on the skin that are painful and reddish. This stage may run for a few weeks. As soon as this stage is over, it progresses to the next stage, where the numbness starts to occur, and scars are notable as well as discoloration on the skin.

The Severe Stage for Immune-Compromised Individuals

The Severe Stage for Immune-Compromised Individuals

If your immune system is in poor condition, you have all the chances to experience a severe case of shingles. In fact, studies show that 20% of people with shingles suffer the severe stage. This stage is accompanied by longer pain seizures that can last for as long as a year, if the rash wasn’t healed. One will experience infection in the skin, and encephalitis, which is the inflammation of the brain. The possibility of meningitis is also considered, as well as bladder impairment, hearing loss, pneumonia, vision problems, blindness, and even death.

What Can Essential Oils for Shingles Do For You?

Undeniably, there are people who are sensitive to medications, and this is why the use of essential oils is highly recommended in treatment of shingles, where extra care is needed, especially when the person suffers from pain even in the slightest touch. You may have heard of doTERRA oils for shingles as one of the most effective means to lessen the pain and tingling sensations caused by the rash. So what can essential oils do for you? When applied accordingly and blended well, the use of essential oils for shingles can be very beneficial. Natural oils as treatment are known to be gentle on the skin, and they can easily relieve pain and itching. Some natural oils also contain anti-inflammatory as well as antiviral properties that can ease the pain felt by the person.

Geranium Oil for Tissue Repair

Geranium essential oil for Shingles

 The geranium oil is originated in South Africa. It is a perennial shrub that comes with pink flowers in it. This beautiful product of nature can be transformed into an oil that is very beneficial for your skin. It was used by the Egyptians to achieve a glowing skin, and to treat skin inflammation and acne. This is also a perfect natural treatment for shingles, which makes skin extremely sensitive, and can cause pain when touched. This oil contains natural anti-inflammatory properties and removes clogged pores, and, most importantly, helps in revitalization of the body tissues.

Tea Tree Oil for Pain and Itch Relief

tea tree oils

 There are many tea tree oil recipes you can use to apply on the area affected be shingles Unknown to some, the use of tea tree oil is beneficial, as it comes with antibacterial properties, and acts as an effective astringent that helps prevent further spread of skin infection. Its antiviral properties are highly useful in cases of shingles. In addition, the use of tea tree oil comes with an anesthetic effect that helps reduce the itching and pain caused by rash. Tea tree oil can also be used as a massage lotion; it would be even more effective if mixed with olive oil.

 Lavender Oil for Stress Relief

 Lavender essential oil for Shingles

Stress is one of the main activating factors of shingles. Using lavender oil, as the inhalation method in managing shingles, can be very beneficial. Lavender oil helps relieve stress; it comes with a relaxing and soothing appeal that will keep one feeling relaxed, which is also helpful when you are experiencing shingles. Lavender oil is also known as a potent disinfectant and, at the same time, it promotes proper blood circulation in the body.

Eucalyptus Oil for Blister Wounds

 Eucalyptus essential oil for Shingles

Shingles are accompanied by red blisters, and when those erupt, they are surely prone to infection. With the use of eucalyptus oil, the blisters can easily be managed. Eucalyptus oil has disinfectant properties that are perfect for wounds. It is also antiviral, so once blended well, it will give you an effective remedy for shingles. Eucalyptus oil is also used for treatment of wounds, sores and even burns. Moreover, it is a great helper when it comes to shingles blisters. Such method of treatment promotes the speed of healing and its effectiveness.

Essential Oils Can Be in Different Preparations

When creating your own recipe of essential oils for shingles, note that it can be in different preparations, just like when using pharmaceutical drugs. Essential oils can be taken internally, like a syrup, or in a capsule form, depending on how you created your recipe. Although most essential oils do not have negative effects on the liver, just make sure to check your dosage, because too much intake is not recommended. Essential oils can also be used as a lotion, where one can apply it gently on the affected skin, while others make it as sprays and topical ointments. No matter what preparation you opt for, one thing is for sure; essential oils used for treating shingles come with positive effects. Some people find it more effective than any other cream over the counter.

Additional Tips to Reduce Shingles Pain

Additional Tips to Reduce Shingles Pain

If you opted for home remedies, there are more ways to help prevent further damage to your skin when experiencing shingles. Aside from using the best essential oils on your skin, you can also consider simple tips at home. Firstly, you must make sure to never scratch your blisters and make it a point to never pick on it. This will hasten the process of healing, just wait for it, and the blister will eventually crust over and fall off.

In order to prevent too much itch, you can also take comforting measures, like using cool and slightly moist compress on your skin. The use of baking soda is also reliable, as it can hasten the process of drying your skin sores and help heal the wounds faster than usual. Avoid using clothes that may cause further itching.

These simple steps may help in preventing further damaging of your skin when experiencing shingles. Avoid too much exposure to heat, and keep yourself in a cool environment, since the heat provokes further itching. When suffering from shingles, a conscious effort is also needed to ensure the treatment and healing process are as smooth as possible.

Essentials Oils Can Do Magic!

Knowing the right way to use the essential oils is important. Remember that too little or too much of everything is not beneficial. This is why the right amount is a must when using essential oils, as well as knowing the correct application. For essential oils, you must dilute the ingredients accordingly to avoid possible damage and worsening of the skin condition. You should also consult your doctor and ask for their approval on the methods you want to try when treating your shingles, and, above all, make sure you are aware of any possible allergic reactions you may have when using a particular oil.

The list of benefits of using essential oils for shingles is quite long. It undeniably comes at a cheaper rate, as compared to the use of the conventional medicinal approach. In some cases, essential oils are way safer, healthier, and come with no bad effects on the users’ liver condition. This is why some are opting for natural remedies and essential oils for an effective, low cost, and faster treatment, especially in the case of shingles. Indeed, the use of oils can do magic both financially and physically. Why not check out more options and recipes of essential oils for shingles and discover the best one for you.

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