laser mole removal

What is Laser Mole removal?

Sometimes you feel you would do anything to achieve that flawlessly radiant skin. No scars, no blemishes, and no ugly looking moles – the perfect skin! So when you see that pimple, warts or moles disrupting the look of your otherwise beautiful skin you feel unsettled, and you are pushed to take immediate removal actions to restore your beauty. In recent times with new  advanced skin renewal technology, you have the option to carry out laser removal procedures for the unwanted skin outgrowths including moles, warts, or pimples.

Although it does use a laser to treat the skin, the method is safe and sound. Dermatologists all over the world use it to bestow beauty upon their subjects. Reliable and modern machinery has made it possible and accessible at the same time.

Before going for any of the laser treatments, you should  consult your physician, because each case is different and so is the intensity of the treatment

How much does Laser mole removal cost

Surgery and Cauterization are amongst the most common ways of mole removal currently in practice. These procedures are usually prescribed and carried out by dermatologists in their offices by numbing the skin with anesthesia. In spite of being popular methods, there is a possibility of getting scars and deep marks after the procedure. The effectiveness of these procedures depends on how deep the roots of extracted moles are. The deeper the roots, the more possible side effects of removal are.

Laser mole removal does provide an alternative for scar free mole removal. Laser mole surgeries are usually a financially viable option to remove moles safely and avoid scars along the way. The cost of the laser mole removal procedure is primarily driven by the size of the moles, the number of moles to be removed and how deep are the moles. Different specialists charge differently for procedures depending on the difficulty of the case. In average, you can expect to pay  around $50 to $80 per session. Usually, the entire treatment consists of multiple sessions. Your dermatologist will give you a rough idea on how deep your moles are, and how many treatment sessions you will require for your treatment to be effective. They will also show you mole removal before and after photographs on your skin, and then you can assess the quality of the work and decide whether you would want to go for the same one.Laser Mole removal

Pros and cons of laser mole removal


  1. It is not surgical. There is no incision or burning of the skin and, because of that, there is minimal risk of getting the skin infected. In that way, the laser mole removal procedure is highly non-invasive.
  2. It is convenient for the laser to reach areas of the body, which are otherwise difficult to access. The laser can be used to remove multiple moles in one session, unlike surgery.


  1. For moles which are deeply rooted, laser removal might not work out the best way. The treatment is only best effective on superficial moles and marks. For deep rooted ones, you still need to go for surgical processes.
  2. Another serious disadvantage is the fact that laser completely destroys the mole. This means you need to get the mole tested for cancerous properties before you think of getting them cleaned through laser removal methods.

Benefits of laser mole removal procedure over other procedures

You must be wondering whether it’s better for you to go for the costly laser removal procedure or stick to the traditional procedures. There should be some obvious advantages with a laser. As a matter of fact, natural or home remedies for mole removal usually are never that effective. After investing a lot of time, you must get the desired outcome, or your efforts are as good as nullified.

Surgical procedures are popular, but going under the knife comes with its costs. You might get a stubborn scar or it might not work as intended, but you are bound to pay the contracted sum of money to your cosmetic surgeon. Considering all of the above, laser mole removals appears to be an ideal option to rid you of your problem within confines of a rational budget and with desirable outcomes.

There are several advantages of laser mole removal method. Some of them include:

  • Laser sterilizes the area automatically after the procedure
  • Nonsurgical and pain-free procedure
  • Surrounding healthy tissues are not affected
  • Quick rehabilitation of cells
  • Lesser chances of getting scars
  • High aesthetic appeal

Here are some pictures of Laser mole removal procedures before and after:Laser moles removal : before and after

Laser mole removal recovery and time

There are various stages of laser mole removal procedure.

During the first stage of the process, the area to be operated is numbed using local anesthesia. Next, the pigmentation in the mole is excised using a CO2 laser. Gradually, the pigmentation is healed away using body’s natural healing processes.

A scab is usually formed where the mole has been removed from. This scab falls off on its own after the mole has been removed. Quite naturally, the area takes up a darker tone and remains that way for the next few days. During that time, you can use makeup to mask discoloration on face or neck.

It is extremely important to protect the operated area and surrounding areas of the skin from sunlight right after the procedure is carried out. Use SPF 50+ sunscreen while going out in the sun every day. It’s recommended that you use sunscreen every day, even if you don’t go out much.

Laser mole removal procedures is a widely popular, effective, and cheap method to remove that unwanted mole from your body without going under the knife. It works very well with superficial moles but with deep-rooted moles, you might get best results using cosmetic surgery. We highly recommend laser removal procedures from the best possible dermatologists to get best possible results.