Pimples after Shaving: Overview, Tips, and Advice

pimples after shaving

No one wants to deal with pimples after shaving; they are ugly, they itch, and they can be very demeaning to the image of a person. Often, when pimples after shaving are mentioned, the first thing most people think of is pimples on face after shaving the beard, but it goes beyond that. Pimples after shaving the pubes is a major concern for many, especially pimples on vag after shaving.

Pimple development is connected to oil production, clogged pores, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Sebaceous glands locate at the base of hair follicles. Pimples are small papules, lesions or inflammation of the skin, which develop when these sebaceous glands become clogged and infected, leading to what we usually see on the outside; red lesions that are swollen and filled with pus.

Pimples most often affect the face, back, shoulders, and chest due to the proliferation of these sebaceous glands.

Pimple On Face After Shaving

When it comes to shaving the face, many men get an irritation and red pimples after a shave, if prevention measures are not taken. What a close shave does is cut of hair close to the skin. In some instances, the skin grows over an active skin follicle. Though the follicle is blocked, the hair keeps growing. This blockage produces pus because it has become infected, just like how a pimple develops from other causes. This can happen to the face, the pubes, chest or even armpits. What we usually call pimples after shaving facial hair are razor bumps.

The pimples that appear on the skin due to acne occur when the pores become blocked with natural skin sebum

Razor bumps, just like acne, are treated by halting the growth of bacteria and using of soothing ingredients to stop swelling and redness.

How To Prevent Pimples After Shaving

Prevention is better than cure; these are basic tips that will help you prevent the presence of pimples related to shaving.

  1. Use a pre-shave oil

If you have ever wondered how to prevent pimples after shaving, then one obvious solution is to use a pre-shave oil. For the razor to pass over the face without causing irritation, the face must be properly lubricated, and the beard must be soft. A pre-shave oil does just this.

  1. Use a high-speed electronic razor

What a high-speed electronic cutter does is leave a little bit of hair, even though it shaves very close to the skin. A razor with speed of about 14,000 resolutions per minute doesn’t need a lot of pressure. It gently sweeps over the skin surface and removes the hair. You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure, which causes skin irritation.

Pimples after Shaving: Overview, Tips, and Advice

  1. Use a high-quality single blade safety razor

This helps reduce pimples and the irritation that comes with the use of multiple blades.

  1. Shave against the grain

Take note of the direction in which the hair grows and cut towards that direction.  Though shaving against the grain gives a closer shave, skin irritation is increased. This is the number one reason why hair grows within the skin. When hair regrows, it is trapped and curled within the skin.

  1. Use an aftershave lotion

Aftershave lotions contain essential chemicals that halt the growth of bacteria, it soothes the skin and further restores moisture back into the skin.

  1. Avoid reusing blades

A sharp edge gives a clean shave; reusing blades only makes the problem worse. Old blades are not just dirty but dull and blunt, causing rough shave.

  1. Exfoliate the skin

Going beyond cleaning the skin is necessary to relieve the skin of pimples that appear as a result of shaving. A good exfoliate or a product designed for washing the face will reduce the appearance of pimples that appear on the face after a shave. Ordinary soap dries the face. When this happens, the body tries to compensate for it by producing more oil, thus, leading to more pimples. An exfoliating facial scrub contains cleansing liquid flooded lumps.

A gentle massage of an exfoliating cleanser removes dead skin cells, the absence of these skin cells means they are off the face and will therefore not clog the pores. They clog the pores by mixing with facial oil.

Pimples after Shaving: Overview, Tips, and Advice

The recommended frequency of facial exfoliators use varies by make and brand. Carefully follow the instruction, as some can be utilized daily, others – every other day or as stated per the instructions on the product. Overusing the product can lead to the excretion of more oil, which can make matters worse.

The best facial cleansing exfoliates are those made from plant fibers, like apricot stones that have been ground until they have the smoothness and appearance of sand. Brown sugar also makes a good exfoliate, rubbing it onto wet skin rids the body of dead skin cells.

8. Use Acne creams and gels

What acne gels and creams do is drying out a pimple. Creams that work overnight are better, because they get more time to work on the skin while you sleep. Beyond this, a medicated pimple cream can be prescribed by a doctor, if the skin is severely affected with pimples on the face.

Wash and moisturize your hands before shaving: This prevents the transfer of germs and bacteria from the hands to the face.

Pimples After Shaving Pubes

Shaving the pubes comes with side effects, like pimples, when not done properly. Without a doubt, the pubes are the most sensitive area and every female shaves it with much care and caution.

The upper protective layer of the skin is removed during shaving, due to this, the skin becomes easily exposed to damage. Little cuts and wounds may occur during the process. As hair grows beneath the skin, pimples are formed, causing irritation and pain.

Pimples after shaving pubes can be completely prevented; no one deserves the discomfort that comes with it. A few steps can be taken to avoid pimples after shaving the pubes:

  • Using a shaving gel or foam makes the entire process painless. It forms a protective layer between the razor and the skin. By doing this, the appearance of new pimples is drastically reduced.
  • The heat and steam from a hot shower causes the pores to open and softens the skin; this makes the shave safer.
  • A new and high-quality razor makes a whole lot of difference; it prevents abrasions and cuts. Male razors do a better job in shaving the vag than female ones, as they are comparatively high quality and robust.
  • Using a gentle astringent, like a hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel, prevents ingrown hair and infections. Alcohol-free gel, like aloe vera gel, is a better aftershave option; it soothes the irritations that come with shaving.

Pimples after Shaving: Overview, Tips, and Advice

  • Pimple on the vag after shaving can also be prevented by standing in the shower during shaving. You do this with one leg up on the wall or tub. Shave in the direction of the hair, applying gentle pressure, rinse off the razor after each stroke, and reapply your shaving cream. Hold the skin in that area taut to create a smooth surface, so the razor doesn’t get caught up.
  • Baking soda shows up in a lot of beauty hacks, it is not surprising that it makes an appearance in the remedy for curing pimples related to shaving. Baking soda soothes the skin because it is anti-inflammatory, it prevents the irritation that comes with a pimple on the vag after shaving. The imbalanced pH level necessary to reduce inflammation is possible here, because baking soda is amphoteric, it controls the imbalanced pH level.

Pimples after Shaving: Overview, Tips, and Advice

  • Wearing the right underwear is the key, dispensable as it may sound, it makes a lot of difference. A good underwear is one that doesn’t put too much pressure or friction on the bikini area and, therefore, allows the hair to grow in the right direction.  You want to choose a big, smooth underwear that covers the entire pubic area. Cotton textured underwear is better than a synthetic one, it allows the skin to breathe and discourages the accumulation of bacteria that forms razor bumps.

Pimples after Shaving: Overview, Tips, and Advice

Skin that is already pimple prone because of shaving can be treated with hydrocortisone. The cream will clear up the pimples in a short time. Applying the hydrocortisone cream twice daily will improve the affected area in a matter of days.

A skin free of pimples is what everyone desires regardless the cause, if all the tips can be incorporated to the fullest then there is a hundred percentage chance of having a flawless skin after every shave.  A healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness, don’t let your routine shaves ruin this.