Salicylic Acid Warts Removal

Usage of salicylic acid for warts removal

You must have heard about salicylic acid warts removal many times. But what are warts?People generally associate warts with being unhygienic, unclean and negligent of personal care. Warts are usually contagious and look disgusting. They take a long time to leave your body. However, the true reason for warts infection is weak immunity of the affected body. Also, if your body parts are excessively sweaty, it leads to vegetative outgrowth, and, sometimes, acrocyanosis.

Warts are unwanted skin outgrowth or tumor, which occur when there is a viral attack that the defense system of the body couldn’t fight. They appear in the form of papille or nodules. HPV or human papillomaviruses are the cause of warts. They grow unboundedly and spread through direct physical contact with the infected parts or objects that infected person uses.

The different kinds of warts treated by salicylic acid are flat warts, genital warts, senile warts, and common warts. Mostly all of them are caused by human papillomavirus, against which salicylic acid has a particular advantage.

What are the stages of salicylic acid warts removal

People have invented various methods for effective warts removal. There are surgical interventions for advanced cases, as there are laser and cryotherapy methods for comparatively benign cases. All these methods are effective for warts removal. However, there is a common theme in all of these wart removal treatments. The anti-warts medicines almost always include salicylic acid warts treatment.

Salicylic acid warts treatments are often prescribed by physicians, as they are safe, effective, and can be applied conveniently at home

Salicylic acid warts removers

In this method, you can use the benefits of salicylic acid for long term wart removal treatment. The method is less painful than other treatments, such as surgery or laser, but the effect takes a long time to become visible. You can get this form of treatment done without getting prescriptions from physicians. However, prepare to spend a long time in taking care of the wart treatment because it’s going to be a long and drawn out procedure before you see any improvement. salicylic acid warts











You can use salicylic acid for warts in a regular concentration of about 10% to 60% (mildest to strongest). You can also use it in paste form with a concentration of about 30% acid. Among other remedies using salicylic acid, you can find the following:

  • salicylic acid ointment for warts removal
  • salicylic acid cream for warts treatment
  • plasters impregnated with this acid for warts treatment
  • salicylic acid gel for warts

You should apply any of these wart removers only topically. At this point, you might be curious to know how salicylic acid works on warts. So here it goes. Salicylic acid diminishes the production of sebum, moisture,and sweat, and holds back the inflammatory side effects. These are the reasons why dermatologists use salicylic acid for skin treatments.

How to use salicylic acid warts removers

Salicylic acid ointment:

Clean the affected area with warm water and apply salicylic acid wart remover ointment containing about 60% concentrated acid onto the area. In a few minutes, your skin will dry out and then you can proceed to the application of the ointment. Next, you need to cover the affected area with a thin layer of the ointment.

Bandage the affected area for the ointment to be soaked entirely into the skin. For best results, carry out the procedure every night before going to bed. In the morning, rub off the dried ointment off of your skin with the help of a pumice stone. It depends on the severity of warts to see how long it takes for you to continue the process.

Salicylic acid solution:

Soak the affected area in warm water. This will soften the skin and then you can apply the solution more easily. This treatment is most effective when it’s done before going to bed, every night. Keep in mind that the solution is runny, so healthy skin should not get in touch with the affected area or the drug used on the skin. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you have to use bandages to cover the affected areas after applying the solution to it. Next day morning, remove the bandages and clean the area with a pumice stone. Long-term application of the solution will rid your body of warts.

Salicylic acid warts pads removal:

You can feel more comfortable with this method, as an alternative to other ones mentioned previously. You can find special pads for warts removal in almost any pharmacy. Along with salicylic acid, they also contain sulfur. The pad softens after application and dissolves the cornified bits of your skin. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to steam the area and keep it dry before you stick the pads for treatment.  The pads must stay on your skin for about two days. After two days, remove the paste and steam warts in warm water. Use pumice stone to remove dead layers of the skin. Repeat the process regularly, until you see the results. There are plenty of salicylic acid warts removal pictures in the net, so you can easily ge the image of what the procedure looks like.salicylic acid warts removal

Salicylic acid is highly effective in warts treatment, along with different kinds of skin treatments out there. They are a less painful alternative to other wart treatments and are available in various forms:ointments, solution, gel, and pads. The affected area needs to be treated with warm water before applying any form of salicylic acid treatments on it. For better results, leave the solutions on the affected area overnight.